This collection aims to subvert transhistorical narratives of the witch by treating the victims of the Salem witch trials as women rather than caricatures of ‘witches’. Each shoe portrays a different victim’s experience of the witch trials, both to draw attention to her plight and celebrate her life- as the midwife; the spinner; the provocateur. By using art and design to focus on the lives of the women executed, it looks to transform their individual tales into credible elements of social and political discourse, and criticise the complicity of historians in minimising the effect of the power structures of 17th century North America and Europe. Ultimately, its intention is to portray the witch as a symbol of female revolt and empowerment, and to give these women a platform on which to be seen as more than mere historical caricature.

Photography: Hubert Libiszewski, HJL Photography
Accessories model: Ayesha Tan-Jones, AntiAgency
Footwear model: Khadija Pandor